Complete Seo Course How To Optimize Your WordPress Site

Complete SEO course how to optimize your WordPress site
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Duration: 8 hours | Genre: eLearning | Language: English
Learn from the Experts, positioned first on Google! Learn the secrets of SEO: Backlinks, Speed, CTR, Authority, Keyword.

What you’ll learn
You will improve the ranking of your site in search engines
You will learn how to avoid penalties and protect yourself from possible attacks
You will increase traffic on your site from keyword to target
You will know how to increase positioning parameters such as CTR, speed, average residence time, etc.
You will be able to select strategically important keywords

Although the only requirement is specific requirements it is advisable to have both a site and some capital to invest (for the creation of content, or for the purchase of tools)

With this SEO course (Search Engine Optimization) you will see how to improve the ranking of your website. The course is designed for sites in WordPress, but you can apply concepts and techniques of this course, even on other sites.

In this course you will be guided by the two brothers Matteo and Alberto Olla. You will not learn how to do SEO from a consultant, you will learn from practical people who get real results with sites well positioned high on search engines for relevant keywords.

In the course you will see little theory, below we will do:
> a brief introduction to the SEO
> analysis of keywords and competition sites
> SEO on site – Placement factors regarding your site in general
> SEO on page – Placement factors regarding the content on your particular page
> SEO off site – Positioning factors external to your site, mainly backlinks (external links)
> Advanced SEO techniques, everything that you are not normally told
> Negative SEO, how to defend yourself from Black Hat SEO attacks
> and much more

Doing SEO is not a cost but an investment, only if you are really able to do SEO effectively, otherwise it can be a huge cost both in time and money.

This course is designed for professionals, bloggers, entrepreneurs, webmasters. If you have an online business, or you want to create one, this is the course that will teach you to have the right visibility on Google and other search engines. Focus your efforts on important words, do not waste your time and money on things that are not very important for your business, sign up now! (Before your competitor does it)

Who this course is for:
Do you already have a website and you got tired of paying advertising? This is the course for you!
Have you ever wondered how certain sites are first on Google and others are not? In this course you will find your answers
Do you have a project in your hands and you want to make sure you have the right visibility in the search results? This is the course designed for you!