XenForo 1.1.3 is the third maintenance release in the 1.1 series. It contains numerous bug fixes and stability improvements. It includes the SWFUpload security fix as well. We recommend all customers upgrade to 1.1.3 to benefit from the increased stability and security.

1.1.3 also introduces a new Cookie Usage page and option to display a notice about cookies on a users first visit (only when they have no cookies). This is in response to recent EU regulation changes.

The cookie notice option is disabled by default. It can be enabled via Options > Basic Board Information > Show Cookie Notice on First Visit.

Some of the bug fixes in 1.1.3 include:

  • Flood check multiplier did not work on discouraged users
  • AddThis publisher ID not sent through correctly
  • Plain BB codes didnt always work correctly when nested
  • PHP 5.4 incompatibilities
  • Missing forum info when merging posts
  • Dots are not removed from integer params in URLs in all situations where necessary
  • In-page navigation with quote attribution links does not change browser history correctly



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