Definitive Guide To Master Seo With Completely Free Tools

Definitive Guide to Master SEO With Completely Free Tools
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Learn SEO from the ground up without paying for any software or hiring any SEO specialists

What you’ll learn
Understand SEO and how a search engine like Google works.
Create a sitemap for your website and how to submit to Google.
Understand long and short tail keywords and how to use them.
Find the best keywords for your website using the free Google keyword planner.
Use two most popular premium-quality WordPress themes in the world.
Know the factors that influence the ranking of your website on Google search results.
Able to implement SEO best practices for your website.
Understand the different domain factors that affect your website ranking.
Know if you should include or not include a keyword in your domain name or subdomain.
Discover if top-level domain (tld) influences your website ranking.
Understand the effect of having public and private whois information on SEO.
Know if the age of a domain name or its history affects ranking.
Know the factor that country top-level domain (tld) has on SEO.
Know where to place keyword on a webpage strategically.
Discover how to create your content title, URL and meta tags.
Understand how you should write your webpage content to rank high.
Know how to use images on your webpage for SEO purposes.
Discover the right SEO technique to add links on your webpage.
Know how to add SSL certificate on your website.
Understand what TrustRank is and how it ranks your website.
Discover if website loading speed influences your website ranking.
Know the importance of having a mobile-friendly website.
Discover how to verify the ownership of your website with Google Search Console tool.
Know how to create backlinks with proper anchor text and keywords.
Discover the effectiveness of backlinks from different types of websites like Wikipedia, authority websites, press release sites, directories and more.
Understand the effectiveness of backlinks from sponsored ads, press release sites, directory sites, bookmarking sites and more.
Discover the influence social sharing has on your website ranking.
Know the ways to guest post on other relevant sites to link back to yours.
Know what website traffic data could influence website ranking.
Learn the use of Google Analytics to measure website traffic.
Discover if click thru rate (CTR) from search results could be an SEO ranking factor.

At least some knowledge of using computer and surfing websites.
Some WordPress skills are an added advantage.
No programming or HTML skills needed.

Learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from the ground up without paying for any software or hiring any SEO specialists. This course covers the basics to the essential skills and tools that you need to rank your website on the top of Google search results.

You will know the what, why and how of SEO such as how to get Google to know your website, how to use short and long tail keywords and tools such as Google Search Console, keyword planner, sitemap generator and more. All tools used in this course are free.

The instructor achieved numerous top rankings on Google search and shall show you the exact process he went through successfully.

Domain Name SEO Strategy
Learn how to use multiple domain name strategies to rank your website high on Google. Your domain name does influence your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) implementation in your business. This course includes comprehensive details on how to choose the most SEO-friendly domain name.

Webpage SEO Strategy
Learn how to create web pages that rank high on Google search results. Also known as on-page SEO factor, this course covers all the essential SEO actions that you need to do when creating your webpages from the URL of the page to the content length and keyword placement.

Website SEO Strategy
Learn how to build a website that ranks high on Google search results. Also known as on-site SEO factor, this course covers all the essential SEO actions that you need to do when designing your website from implementing SSL certificate to testing the speed of your site and ensuring it is mobile friendly.

Backlinks SEO Strategy
Learn effective ways on how to get backlinks for your website to rank high on Google. The backlink is one of the most critical factors that influence the ranking of your site on Google search results. This course teaches effective SEO techniques to get other websites to link back to your website and how they differ in their ranking influences.

User Interaction SEO Strategy
Learn how user behavior on your website influences your website ranking on Google search results. This course covers multiple aspects of website traffic that could improve or worsen your website SEO ranking such as the number of visits, bounce rate, time on site and more.

Who this course is for:
Business or marketing executives
IT students
Business or marketing students